Chasing Happiness


Chasing happiness to me to finding the little things that makes you happy in your life. If you are having a horrible day, you can always find a part of it that makes you happy.

Whether it is the red light that turns green right when you see it. Watching your kids finally accomplishing a goal that they have been working with forever. Or just watching the sunset. Or finally be able to find the time to spend five minutes ALONE with the Lord. (If you have kids, you understand my trouble.)

I have been reading The Happiness Dare by Jennifer Dukes Lee and I have learned that she took a happiness dare to find the little things that make her happy like watching a one-year old’s family watch him on his first birthday. Or just watching the sun come up each morning.


We should be chasing the happiness even it is just little moments each day. No matter what your situation is, you can always find the happiness. If you cannot, start small. Like being able to be alive that day, breathing, or just the chance to live another day.

Jennifer Dukes Lee created a happiness style assessment which you can find your happiness style. She identifies five different happiness styles: the doer, relater, giver, experiencer, or thinker. Go find out here and see which one you are.

I am a relater, although I already knew. I love relating to other people. That is the reason I know God planned me to help people going through some tough times in their life. I know the call on my life, just have to start working on my platform.

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