Titles I Recommend

The Biggest Story


The Biggest Story is a CD/DVD combo that tells the redemptive story for God’s love for us. This is perfect to tell our precious kids the story. It goes through the entire Bible in about 30 minutes. There are ten stories, and they each take about 3-5 minutes. If you have children with a short attention span, this is perfect for them.

Each chapter is great and goes great with each other. The only thing I wish they would have included is Paul, his conversion, missionary, and the letters to the churches.

Chapter 1: Creation and the fall

Chapter 2: First murder, the flood, tower of Babel, and exile

Chapter 3: Abraham, Esau, and Jacob

Chapter 4: Joseph and Exodus of Egypt

Chapter 5: The Ten Commandments and the disobedience of the Israelites

Chapter 6: King Saul, David, Solomon and the split kingdoms, and exile

Chapter 7: Prophets, darkness (400 years)

Chapter 8: Jesus born along with his ministry

Chapter 9: Jesus Rises!! Holy Spirit comes!

Chapter 10: Not the end! Wait for His Return! His Promises Never Fail!!

All in all, this is a great combo for young kids. My five year old daughter was very interested in the stories, but my seven year old wasn’t. He called it babyish. It features nice, abstract illustrations. The are brightly colored so they will keep the kid’s attention.

Present Over Perfect


This book is a nice reminder is how we need to remain in the present instead of trying to find the perfect. Our perfect is in our present moment. We have be aware if our lives become too busy, that we do not take a day or two and just slow and re-evaluate your life.

Are you missing out on your present because you are just too busy to enjoy the moment?

Written in an essay format, Shauna Nequist will make you laugh and search deep down and evaluate your life. This book can easily be read when you have a few extra minutes. They are usually about 4-5 pages each time.

I did have a little trouble following along, since it is in essay format and some did not go with each other. They each had an invaluable lesson, but did not go together well.

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