How He Loves Us

img_2568Why does God love me so much? I struggle with this question all of the time. I am not worthy of God’s love, I know what to do but still mess up. I try to earn His love but I cannot earn the love He has already given. He has loved us from the beginning, he breathed life into Adam. He loved us so much that He could have spoken us into existence like everything He made, but no He created us from dust and breathed life into us.

I struggle with forgetting how much God loves me and need reminders in my life. This is why I love reading God’s love story, the Bible. It reminds us of his faithful love for us.

Jennifer Rothschild has written a book called 66 Way God Loves You, this book is exactly what everyone needs in their life. It features 66 ways God loves us by going through each book in the Bible and shows us how God loves each and everyone of His children.

The chapters are only two to three pages long but they are filled with
the words of our loving Lord. They are daily reminders of how God loves us.

One of my favorite quotes is from the chapter on Job:

“Often God chooses to love us through suffering because it moves us from just having a little information about God to a place of intimately knowing and depending on the God who loves us.”

Sometimes we all think when suffering happens, we must have done something to deserve it. We do not think that God is using it to grow us closer to Him. We need to fully depend on Him, not just half-heartedly.

This book has reminded me how much God loves us, another great quote is from this chapter on Leviticus entitled, In Leviticus God Grants Me Access to Him. Usually, when I read Leviticus, I think man this is a bunch of rules and how were they going to uphold all of these. It seemed like God was setting them up to fail. Jennifer reminded me that “

God who is like a loving parent provides protective boundaries for her child, God provides rules for us, His children. But it isn’t following the rules and staying in the boundaries that win God’s favor; we have already found His favor because we have His Son, Jesus.”

This is just some of the quotes that resonated most with me, there are lot more. All people will benefit from reading this wonderful book. You are going to want to buy extra copies to give them out. To win a copy of this wonderful book please go here.

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